Freedom of Speech

I don’t really understand why someone would get fired for having an opinion.  The USA and Canada both have freedom of speech as part of their basic freedoms.  And this is as it should be.  But recently some TV personality was fired, let go or some such – I didn’t read what exactly happened, other than he made some comment that the owners of the TV show were in disagreement with(apparently an un-politically correct statement) so they fired him.  I saw today another instance where a woman made a joke on Twitter that was in poor taste and got fired for it. This comment/joke had nothing to do with her job; it did not represent the company she worked for.

So, if I have an opinion that is different than yours about something and you get upset about it, should my boss fire me?

If someone is an ass, don’t listen to him or her.  Don’t give the stupidity credence. But an ass or not that person does have the right to an opinion whether it is idiotic or not.  If he or she is making a statement as a representative of a company I can see that would be a different matter but as an individual, no.

Posted by Cyril O

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