How I got my LRH Lectures to my iPod.

I do this for music as well.  I’m kinda old school.  This is a lot of work but once done, you can put on your phone, iPod or whatever.  If you do share the files, then legally, you can only do with family.  

You need iTunes for this.  If you have a PC, you will likely be fine.  If you have a Mac, the newer ones have Catalina OS installed which uses iMovie and iMusic.  These are funky - don’t work very well with an iPod.  If you are already familiar with iTunes much of this may not be new.

How I did it.

I bought an external CD player so I could rip music and LRH Lectures. 

The short version is just rip them to your hard drive.  I have a separate hard drive I use for the lectures.  Once you have them on your hard drive, you can import to iTunes or you can just drag them onto your iPod.

While you have them in iTunes, so you don’t have to do it twice, do a little housekeeping.  If you can drag directly into the iPod, then you can bypass having to do this in iTunes.  

The lectures will be sometimes labeled L. Ron Hubbard and some are L Ron Hubbard.  The difference can screw up the filing system.  Easier access to have them all the same. Pick one and stay consistent.  

Highlight all the tracks or the album you want to change and right click (Command C on a Mac) ‘Get Info’.  Edit the columns there.  Here is where I edit the column ‘Genres’ as well.  I make the Genre the same as the set of lectures.  I make all of the PDCs, “Genre: PDCs”  Easier to access on you iPod.