k spencer jones

K Spencer Jones – Filmaker

K Spencer Jones Son Spencer has been making films since he was 12-13 years old.  He has been doing this now in Hollywood for several years now.  Working on real stuff.  I am a proud daddy.  Please have a look and share if you can. (More below the image/link.) Thanks, Read more…

winnie the pooh

‘Winnie The Pooh’ Quote

There is a quote going around FaceBook that is slightly less than accurate.  Attributed to A.A. Milne and Winne The Pooh and Christopher Robin but actually written by a Disney writer. Here is the actual quote “I’m not going to do Nothing any more.” “Never again?” “Well, not so much. Read more…

peach chutney

Mango or Peach Chutney Recipe

My recipe is pretty much the same for both Mango or Peach Chutney.  The last few years I’ve had a hard time getting a decent volume of good mangoes.  Thus my batches have been smaller.  Now that I’m living in Niagara region with an abundance of mouthwatering, delectable peaches, I Read more…


Bisque Recipe

We have a ton of tomatoes in the garden this year.  We moved to Ontario – the Niagara region and wow!!! All sorts.  The flavours are just crazy wonderful.  Yvonne made Tomato Brisque yesterday and as I have several people requesting the recipe, here it is: Saute one small onion Read more…

peyton jones

Marty’s Home Page

My ‘Home’ page… A bit of stuff about me and mine. You are welcome to contact me at my contact page. And I occasionally post here below. Some rules to live by on my Marty’s Rules of Life page.

gwen van kleef riding

Gwen Van Kleef Riding lessons

Went to watch my sister at her riding lesson last evening and to check out some of the animals they have there. The sun was perfect for a great backlit shot. Gwen was there with two other students. Teacher was great, though I couldn’t believe how hard she worked them. Read more…