across the lake swim

Today’s time for 2100 meters (Across The Lake Swim – practice)

So, my swim in July is 2.1 KM across the lake. I’m going to do just that distance for any workouts that I can get in between now and then.  See how fast I can go and keep up the pace.

Today I did 35 minutes for 2100 meters.  Felt good!

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Middle of the pack in Kelowna ‘Across the Lake Swim’

So, last night I read through the website for the swim I’m doing in July.  Please note I’ve never done a lake swim before and haven’t ‘raced’ in 40+ years.  The swim in actually 2100 meters (2.1 km). If I figure yesterdays swim in the pool, I’m doing about 37 minutes for the above distance.  There are 650 swimmers in the race.  My god!!  Ages ranging from 15 to over 70.  I figure my time puts me in the top 250 of the whole crowd.  Only in the top 20-25 of my age group(55-64). I will be 62 at race time.  If I can keep that time even with all the factors of going across the lake, I will be happy.  Actually, I’ll be happy finishing!!

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