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Brandon Vermont and my Cousin/Aunt Edna Jones

The coolest thing happened yesterday. I do sales calls as one of my jobs and get calls from all over the country. Yesterday I got a call from a woman and I needed to ask her where she was from. She told me Brandon, Vermont. I said that I had a cousin that had lived there – that she had died last year in August. It is a small town, so she asked me her name. I said Edna Jones. “Oh! I loved Edna!!” was her immediate reply. She went on to tell me several stories about how playful Edna was. Edna was about 87 when she died. My new friend told me that she taught exercise classes and did so for the elderly, one of which was Edna. Well, they had a young man there fresh out of college. Both of the women told this young man, very seriously, that Edna’s dog – a miniature pit bull – needed exercise. Well, next class, sure enough, Edna brings in the dog and the young trainer has him on the treadmill – what a hoot!

Well, if you want to see one of the prettiest towns in America, visit this beautiful place. For some reason I didn’t take any photos while I was there. I always thought I’d get back to see Edna. I was there about 3 summers ago and we were having lunch in an outdoor restaurant on the main street. Some of Edna’s elderly lady friends came by and Edna introduced me to them mentioning that I was a photographer. Well, we almost had a whole calendar planned by the end of lunch! (Remember ‘Calendar Girls’?)

Make sure that you visit some of the Galleries when you are in Brandon and ask about Edna Jones.

Have a good one.
– Martin

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