Grill it now – I like to cook…

I was working at a show in Vancouver a few weeks ago selling my product and across from us was a booth for a stove top grill.  I’m always skeptical – I’ve purchased more things that I don’t need in my life and generally at this point I’m more concerned about how to get rid of ‘stuff’ than accumulate it.  About the only room that I would willingly increase the size of in our small apartment is the kitchen.  I do like to cook and when Yvonne and I create something together in the kitchen it is masterful.  (I attribute 90% to her.) 

So, anyway, I was able to watch Nick and Ron cook with this product for two and a half weeks and taste the food that it produced.  I even did a little online research about these products.  Not everyone has a chance to do this when they are watching a demonstration at a trade show or fair but I thought that I should take advantage of my position of being able to do so. 

Long and short of it – I purchase one and I love it!  I use it almost every day.  It is perfect for the two of us.  If I want to cook up something for myself, it works quickly for that as well.  If I was cooking for more than just us on a regular basis, I might have a couple.  I got it largely because I live in a climate that has a very long winter and I like to grill – this way I can grill all year – ha!

You can purchase the product online: Grill It Now

If you see it being demonstrated at a show, check it out – taste the food.  I cannot speak for comparable products but this one I know is excellent.

One other important fact is that it cleans up so easily.  I have high quality stainless steel cookware (not super expensive stuff – but good) so I am used to cooking on quality and love the easy clean up of good stainless – the ceramic coating on this grill cleans up beautifully.


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