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Fat Free Diets

It doesn’t take much research to figure out what one needs to be eating well. If you listen to the media and food companies on what to eat you could get yourself in big trouble.

Years ago when the ‘fat-free’ band wagon started I didn’t understand it largely because the only way that one could make fat free food taste any good would be to add sugar. Plus the fats are what help fill you up. I did some research and found some interesting information in a couple of Adelle Davis books.

One from “Let’s Get Well” in Chapter 32:

‘Fats are needed to improve the flavor of foods, to satisfy the appetite, and to stimulate bile flow.’

There is more and this fact should not be taken all by itself. I’m not saying someone should go on a fat binge. I am saying that one should do his or her own research. There are types of fats that are good for you and types that are not.

I was telling a friend about the fact that fats help one’s appetite become satisfied. He replied “like when I eat a bunch of onion rings?” Yes, but that is the wrong kind of fat.

Here is another quote from another Adelle Davis book, ‘Let’s Eat Right To Keep Fit”:

‘For three reasons, eating to little fat is probably a major cause of overweight. First, many seemingly fat persons are only waterlogged; an adequate diet including salad dressing daily often causes then to lose pounds. Second, it has been proved by what is know as the respiratory quotient that when essential fatty acids are insufficiently supplied, the body changes sugar to fat much more rapidly than is normal; Dr Bloor points out that it would seem as if the body were speedily trying to produce the missing nutrients. This quick change makes the blood sugar plunge downward, causing you to be as starved as a wolf; the chances are that you overeat and gain weight. Third, fats are more satisfying than are any other foods. If you forgo eating 100 calories of fat per meal, you usually become so hungry that you eat 500 calories of starch and/or sugar simply because you cannot resist them; unwanted pounds creep on.’ Chapter 5

There does need to be a balance. And it is really not that hard to find the true information. One of the best sources of good nutritional information that I have found is from Adelle Davis books. These can be found in libraries and Amazon.com and Biblio.com. Do a little homework and get the data for yourself then you don’t have to blame someone else if they steer you wrong.

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