Quad Blade Razor

Quad Blade Razor

Best Razor I've Ever Used

I’ve always disliked wobbly (swivel) razors.  Pretty much impossible to find fixed heads on razors anymore unless one uses an old style single blade safety razor. 

I bought one of those a few years ago.  It was a single blade - two sides, so actually called a double.  But you are shaving with one blade.  Was a fairly smooth shave but I nicked myself a few times each shave and it was very slow.  I shave my head as well, so it took much longer than with one of those wobbly aloe razors. 

The other thing I dislike about the Gillette and Schick and such razors is the little moisture strip alongside the blade.  It is supposed to help to make a smoother shave and is promoted as ‘aloe vera’ on most.  Do some research and you might find that some of the ingredients in these moisture or aloe strips you really should not be putting on your skin.

Toxic Moisture (Aloe) Strips

I finally got around to doing some more searching and research to see if I could find a razor that had at least two blades and no moisture strip.  Took me quite some time.  At first I didn’t want to look at the older style razor where you pop the blade in.  As I mentioned, it hadn’t worked out so well for me the first go. 

As it was, all I could find was this Wilkinson Sword Quad blade.  After reading a bunch of reviews, I decided to try it.  For me the only way was to purchase on Amazon.  I was away visiting my grandkids and ordered to my home as I was going to be there within a week or so. 

Arrived home late last night and the razor had arrived.  I was grubby from the trip and needed a shower so thought it would be a good time to try out the blade. 

I love this razor.  Wasn’t quite as fast as the Gillette, Schick et al but not slow either.  A nice smooth shave and no nicks.  I actually got a better shave than with the triple, wobbly-headed, swivel blades.

Just go slowly and keep the angle of the blade correct per the image in the directions.

I highly recommend this razor for shaving.  Here is a link to the Amazon Canada page.

And if you want to to Schick’s website you can read up a bit more on the product.

Wilkinson Quad Blade Safety Razor


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