Do you blame religion?

It kinda ticks me off when people blame ‘religion’ for the ills of the world.  They start to generalize and often become as prejudiced and bigoted as those they are blaming.  The winner of the Miss America pageant this year was of East Indian descent.  Twitter had to delete entire accounts because of some of the hateful comments.  The hate coming entirely as a response to the colour of her skin.  I could generalize as well and say that ‘Americans’ have a very narrow bigoted view of the world.  There are many idiots, true, but not everyone.  I know more Americans that would treat the person next to them decently no matter colour or race than I know who would do the opposite.

Most people are decent.  But corporate run media likes to keep people too upset to make sane decisions and judgments.  And it generally works.  The new Miss America is probably a Hindu not a Muslim but the few idiots that like to hate and stir up trouble don’t bother with facts.  There is a difference between the Muslim faith and Hinduism.  If the winner had been ‘white’ and Muslim the issue would not have even come up.  Not that it should matter what her race or religion is. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution allows for freedom of religion.  Although mainstream media could quash rumours that start like this they would prefer to stir things up – more newsy – more money that way.

It is pretty simple to see here that someone is benefiting from this conflict – in this case minimally the newspaper or whatever media outlet.  If one looks there will invariably be some hidden or at least unknown influence causing the conflict.  Someone stands to gain.  So, in these ‘religious’ conflicts it is likely best to follow the money.  Or at least look for who benefits from the conflict.  If the two parties are trying to sort it out but can’t then there is going to be someone ‘stirring the pot’.

These hateful conflicts would often be easier resolved by showing both parties who is behind the scenes spreading lies.  

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