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Driving in the Left Lane on the Highway

It’s all about manners. Whether you are holding the door for someone or moving out of the way on the highway so the person behind you can pass. The dangers of driving vehicles slowly in the left lane of the highway are obviously not apparent to everyone. The people that do this will probably not read this whole article. In case you do …

I hear the reasons like, “I’m going the speed limit” or “They don’t need to go that fast.” for sitting in the left lane of the highway blocking traffic. I’m very certain, given normal traffic flow, that if more people used the left lane only to pass, then traffic would move more smoothly and quickly. What I’ve observed is that when someone is cruising in the left lane more slowly than the general traffic, it prompts others to weave dangerously.

Some drivers I’m sure are not confident enough and just stay in one lane (the left lane) so that they are not moving back and forth. I would suggest to these drivers that they get someone to somehow help them become more confident drivers. There are many ways to do this. I’ll try and post later something to help with this.

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