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Royal Tea in Brooks, Alberta

I’ve been drinking coffee for years and have been trying to do without it for years. I actually quit for some time about 14 years ago. I’m not sure what else I was doing or not doing at the time but but some back pain that had been giving me trouble for years completely went away. Needing that morning hot drink, I gradually went back to it. I started with Decaf but after a while just went back to regular coffee and espresso. Although I do like espresso, I tried to stop a couple of times since. I would get very tired for a few days and be fine after that but always would go back to it.
I working in Brooks, Alberta recently for a few days and while I was there planned to pick up some tea from Angela at Era Wellness. She makes and sells all her own teas. All natural. I had purchased some a year ago and thought they were wonderful so I made sure that I got a years supply this time. As I was drinking the tea over the weekend I realized that what I really needed was a replacement for my morning coffee. I like that warm cup as I go to the computer in the morning.
Angela suggested one of her black teas (one that I had already purchased). Add a bit of honey and a dollop of milk and for some that just isn’t coffee but for me is perfect. Tastes wonderful, is warm and much healthier than coffee. She suggests two cups will have the caffeine of one cup of coffee. So, far I’m doing pretty well with no coffee.
Angela will have a website up or at least a way to order her wonderful tea later in the summer. We’ll keep you posted.  That will be the subject of another post.
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