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SkyTrain Vancouver

I had the pleasure of riding the SkyTrain to the Vancouver airport a few days ago. I was in North Vancouver and was dropped off at the Sea Bus. This is a ferry that takes one from North Vancouver to the main terminal in Vancouver. There, I did a little walking and a wrong turn and made my way to the ‘Canada Line’ which was a 26 minute run to the Airport. All in all quite smooth and the whole trip took less than an hour. To have someone take me, depending on traffic may not have been a whole lot less.

I had one complaint/problem. When I got off the Sea Bus(ferry) I had to go the bathroom. Too bad. The brilliant minds that put the project together for some reason overlooked the fact that humans may be using the facility. When I got to the main hall, I asked someone who told me a couple of choices – both outside and ‘across the street’. When I got to my train there was an agent on the floor to help direct people and I asked him about this oversight and was told that is the biggest complaint that he gets.

I do hope the powers that be see their way to rectify this oversight before February and the 2010 Olympics.

Better signage will help as well at the top directing one to the proper train system – some locals were as lost as I was at one point.

All in all though I was impressed at the speed with which I was delivered to the Vancouver Airport from North Vancouver. Cities such as Toronto and Tampa could learn…

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