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Review of TV Show: The Night Agent

Review of TV Show: The Night Agent

I’m not as eloquent as some of the reviewers I’ve read on (the movie/TV database website).  And I don’t often review shows or movies.  This one, I had hopes for.  I liked the premise and all but…

I got through an episode and a half before I had to leave. The dialogue was everything I hate about Hollywood. If they had dropped 80% of it, the dialogue, the actors would have had a chance to strut their stuff. Decent actors but the dialogue completely handicapped them. Really liked Gabriel Basso. I think he could have been great in this sort of vehicle. A couple of the other reviews suggest that it gets better but not sure I can endure even though I do believe the plot/story line is worthy. Note to script writers: allow the audience to contribute. Leave a smidgen of mystery. It will be more engaging and draw your audience in without the 'I'm standing up now' type of dialogue. If the actors can act, you don't need them to say every little detail. That said, there were things I liked about the show. But not quite enough.

If you would like to see what a really good show of this type could be, check out The Bodyguard (Netflix) or The Capture (Two seasons on Prime).  Both British  shows.

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