time capsule

Time Capsule

I was telling this story the other day and realized it would make a great blog post.

About 7-8 years ago my mother(Jeannette Jones) and I were visiting some friends outside of Toronto. On the way back we were going to be very near the house where I grew up. We decided to drop in on Mrs D. She still lived in the house next door. We pulled up in her driveway. As I got out of the car a fellow was coming out the front door of the house I grew up in. As I was only a few feet away, I said hello and told him that I grew up in that house. He smiled, looked at me funny and asked if my name was “Martin”. I was kind of shocked and said that it was. He proceeded to tell me that the week previous during some renovations in his basement he found a piece of drywall with my name and a date on it. I had poked a hole in the wall put a few items inside and patched it up. This was when I was 8 years old. More than 40 years had passed.

I remembered that they had talked about time capsules in school that week and how they were burying one in the school yard to be dug up in 20 years… That’s where I got the idea.

He asked if I’d like to see what he found – and took me into the house. The only item of value was a dutch teaspoon that I taken from my mother’s collection at the time and placed in that wall. He told me I could have it and I was thrilled as I could now return it after 40 plus years!! Mom was thrilled.

This was really amazing as if we had been 10 minutes earlier or later I may not have seen him and never have known. As far as me saying hello – well, that’s always a sure thing!!

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