The Unschooling of America (and Canada)

I’m a big proponent of Home Schooling. Most of our kids’ ‘schooling’ was done at home – the important stuff. I have listed a few good links here of sites that have some good information and links about homeschooling.

John Holt
Pat Farenga
Wise Teacher

This site has a bunch of great links for information on Home Schooling: Free Child

And here is a quote from a John Holt interview that was done in 1980. Taken from the site: John Holt Interview

“Q: What about the child’s social life?
A: As for friends – you’re not going to lock your kids in the house. I think the socializing aspects of school are ten times as likely to be harmful as helpful. The human virtues – kindness, patience, generosity, etc. are learned by children in intimate relationships, maybe groups of two or three. By and large, human beings tend to behave worse in large groups, like you find in school. There they learn something quite different – popularity, conformity, bullying, teasing, things like that. They can make friends after school hours, during vacations, at the library, in church.”

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