Brown Eggs VS White Eggs

I get a chuckle almost every time I buy eggs at the grocery store.  Brown eggs are often 50 cents more per dozen than white eggs.  I have done some research online and found that there is really no nutritional difference between them.  It is just great marketing.

My real research came from actual real life when I was a teen.  We spent most weekends on a farm growing up and breakfast would be eggs from the chickens in the barn.  It would be our job to collect the eggs in the morning for breakfast.  I really could not tell which hen laid which egg – I wasn’t really concerned at the time – I was much more concerned that I would get a nice healthy ‘farm’ breakfast.  The eggs that I collected then were both brown and white.  Likely they were from different chickens but all from the same feed.  Oh yeah – the feed was generally all the vegetable left overs from the kitchen.  They got fed some grains as well but a large part of their diet was as above. 

So, my belief is that the biggest difference and perhaps the only one that matters between brown eggs and white eggs is the color.  I think the only extra actual costs in producing them is that the brown ones have to be separated out from the white eggs.

If people were taught in school to do proper research then they could more easily discern false information from that which is real.

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