Current Swim Workout

My current swim workout below.  I don’t swim with a Masters Swim Team. I probably should but I justify it with my erratic schedule and my easygoing lifestyle.  Although I swim pretty hard, I do find that when there is someone in the pool that is fairly close to my speed, I tend to go faster to keep up or pass.  I increased my overall workout distance a few months ago from maxing out at 1600 meters per work out to now regularly at least 2500 meters.  My speed is consistently better since I got up to this distance.  And I’m able to get it done pretty much in the hour that I’m allowed.  I do mostly freestyle. 

200 warm up
600 trying to keep under 9:30
200 legs only with fins
200 drill: stroke 1,2,3 stroke then kick skating on side for a few kicks then stroke
6×100 – keeping under 1:30 with long rest :50 sec
8×50 – on 1:10
200 cool down

I used to do a 6 beat kick but now a kind of double beat with a hard one when I push with my arm that balances the stroke.  Feels great.  I change the workout fairly regularly to keep it from getting boring.

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