Cycling around Glenmore Reservoir

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We both had the day off on Monday. I’d been getting out on the bike more so we thought that we’d spend the afternoon and go for a good ride around the Reservoir and then some.  Usually, when we go out during the week, there are not that many people about.  As this is the first really nice weather that we’ve been having, the trails were quite busy with hikers, walkers, roller bladers and cyclists.  We started at the west end and rode around the top for a bit then went down the hill at the west end and along the trail on the south side of the lake. Too many people to see much wildlife but it certainly was a great day. 

We stopped for a coffee at Heritage Village on the east end, got a coffee at the Railway Cafe.  Sat outside and enjoyed it.  And enjoy it we did!  They didn’t have any espresso, so I had to have regular coffee – was the best coffee I’ve had in a long time.  This is a coffee shop that I would certainly recommend.  And it is a great place to stop if you are heading back.  Many people will do this because if you try and completely circle the reservoir, you have to go through some residential areas. It is a pretty easy ride – depending on your fitness level you may only have to walk a few short hills:) 

We went further up through River Park and eventually exited at 38th coming back west and home.  All in all about a 30 km ride.

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