Get out of the way

If you are being passed while driving on the left side of the road you are doing or not doing one of the following:

1. You are not checking your rear view mirror.
2. You are an uncertain driver
3. You are an idiot
4. You are lazy, (you don’t care about others)
5. you live in a country where the right lane is the passing lane.

Those reading this are likely pretty well mannered. Most of the more ‘rude’ people are not really aware of other drivers. Driving is not so much about rules as manners and being aware of others.  I don’t really have a problem with someone driving in the left lane as long as they are paying attention and get the hell out of the way when someone is coming up faster than they are.  Too many drivers are worried, I think, about moving from one lane to the other to move out of the way.  That, to me, is poor driving.  That person should be training and figuring out how to drive more confidently.  Then there are those who are just being ‘right’. I guess.  Not sure really but…I have run into all sorts of justifications for this.  But I really think that it is much safer overall for people to get out of the way of faster cars.

Just sayin’.

Posted by Cyril O

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