Good Night, Good Night

Gareth played at the Orpheum in Tampa again Sunday night. He was somewhat nervous. The first time he played there a few weeks ago, he played to a very small crowd as it was a Wednesday night. This time, Sunday evening there were a few hundred people there – well, at least a couple of hundred. Anyway, he played nine songs – this time I really wish I had a video camera to record the event – I will next time. By the sixth or seventh song the whole place was clapping along to the beat of the song. Huge cheering for every one. He played seven original songs and two covers. (A cover is simply playing a song written by someone else.)

The difference from the first show a few weeks ago to this one was amazing. He completely filled the room with his music – his own music is catchy and full of life and feeling. He was completely confident and exuded competence – if this is starting to sound like a parent doting or bragging – well, too bad.

He ended with the piece I’ve included here.Goodnight%20Goodnight.mp3

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