How long should you keep your mattress?

Maximum – ten years or so.  Lots of factors will go into this.  One is the quality of mattress you purchase in the first place and the type.  A water bed will likely last longer.  A regular ‘spring’ mattress, I figure, maximum ten years.  Now this will be affected also by who is sleeping on it as well.  If you have someone 300 pounds it likely won’t last as long as a child of 50 pounds.

Also, certain types of mattress are more prone to having dust mites as well as certain climates.  I would probably tend to recycle a mattress that was in Florida more often than one in a dry climate, all other things being equal.

I travel a lot and stay in various hotels and also people’s homes.  Some of those mattresses are OLD.  To me it is totally worth it to spend the money on a decent mattress.  If I sleep well, I’m more efficient, get more done, etc.  A good sleep is worth a lot.

When you shop for a mattress next time, try out a number of different kinds.  Air bed, Tempur-pedic, pillow top – see what is comfortable and don’t go for the cheapest.

Posted by Cyril O

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