Northern Latitudes

I’ve been in Calgary a couple of months now. Other than the ever present mountains a couple of other notable things:

My boiled eggs seem to take slightly longer to cook. I’ve been cooking/eating them all my life and had the timing down to a science but at the elevation in Calgary it does seem to take a bit longer.
The elevation in Calgary is 1,048 M (3,438 FT) whereas Toronto is only 253 ft/77 meters and Clearwater, Florida is sea level.

The other notable is the length of the day. It is not yet the end of March and there is still light in the sky at nearly 8:30 in the evening. A few degrees of latitude seems to make quite a difference.

Calgary Latitude: 51° 05
Toronto Latitude: 43°42′59.72″N

Summer days, I expect, will be very long.

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