Road Manners

I have mentioned more than once in different places the wisdom of staying to the right on a highway or thoroughfare unless passing.  (It speeds up traffic.)   My youngest son passed his driver test the other day and in the days previous to that I was out with him and noticed then and since people uncertainties in certain situations on the road.  Here are a couple and the right way to behave:

1. At a four-way stop the person on the right has the right of way.  For example if two of you come up to the corner at the same time and you are right angles to each other, then the person on the right goes first. 

2. Coming in the opposite way to stop signs or lights, the person making the right hand turn has the right of way.  If you are making the left into the same lane or double lane with someone making the right into the same one(having come from the opposite direction) they go first.  Unless of course you have an Advanced Green light and they are at a red light.  Then the person coming through the light has the right of way.

More to come…

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