Safe Ice at Ghost Lake

ghost lake alberta

ghost lake alberta
We went up to Ghost Lake about a week and a half ago. Beautiful day. I walked out on the ice with no little trepidation. The week before Gwen van Kleef, Peter Van Kleef and Alf Hauk had fallen through the ice in Lake Erie (fortunately it was only a few feet deep but nonetheless very scary). Anyway, with this in mind I ventured out. There were two fellows ‘para-skiing’ on the ice with their cars parked nearby(on the ice) and a truck loaded with ice fishing gear had driven across a bit earlier so I felt somewhat safe. Here you can see one of me out on the ice that Yvonne took and also one that I took while out on the ice.

BTW – Gwen, Peter and Alf did make it out of the lake and onto dry land.

“No Ice is Safe Ice?”

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