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Twenty-five years ago, I was a brick layer in Toronto.  We used to purchase a lot of brick from the brickyard on Bayview Ave in the Don Valley. It was called Toronto Brick at the time. So, for me it was a treat recently to back and see what has been done with the place.  It was closed years ago and for a long time just sat there.  I’m not sure who decided to do something with this but I like what they have done with it.  There are all the kilns that I never really saw way back when.  They have left these pretty much as they were. 

There is a very nice restaurant and a shop there that we saw.  We were there on a rainy day in the fall so it was kind of dreary but I love the chance to walk about. 

The picture here is of a steel piece of art representing Toronto with the rivers coming through it into Lake Ontario with plants behind the metal growing through to show the parks along the rivers – very cool.

There is a lot more information at Evergreen Brickworks(Toronto Brick)  as to what is going on and the activities.

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