I know there are all kinds of studies about walking helping with mood for physiological reasons, brain chemistry and all that.  And I am sure that it helps with that.  I’m pretty sure that is true but I’m sure that at least half of the effects are just from the person getting his or her attention directed outwards.

If one gets his attention off of their ‘troubles’ and feels better then the body will heal faster or just do better generally. Common belief is that if you fix the body you will feel better spiritually or mentally.  I’m quite certain it works the other way even more effectively.

Take the person that is dying, having no real reason to live.  Something happens in their environment that gives them a new will to live and all of a sudden they no longer feel like dying.  Take this in a more common sphere of the child not wanting to go to school and is actually sick.  Give that child a purpose, something that he or she really likes to do or create, and watch the fever disappear.

This tack can be much more effective than huge amounts of drugs or other medical procedures.

Sometimes if one is in pretty rough shape it a matter of coaxing these things up together: physical, mental and spiritual.

So, turn off the TV and go for a walk.

Posted by Cyril O

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