Water and PH balance

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I had no idea that ph balance in the water one drinks could affect the amount one needs to drink. I was staying at a friends recently and they had a machine that would alter the PH balance of the water in the kitchen tap. I was unaware of what it did but was using it for a few days just thinking it was a regular filter.

I was doing a trade show at the time – a long one – 17 days. I talk a lot when I’m selling – even more than usual! As a result I drink a lot of water. Well, after a day or so of drinking this ‘filtered’ water I realized that I was drinking much less to quench my thirst. I asked and was told that the PH balance of the water was changed to help the body absorb it better or some such and well, generally, we drink and eat too much acidic foods and liquids so this increases the PH to make the water more alkaline. Much better for the body. As I’m on the road a lot, I wanted a way to increase the alkalinity of my water without lugging a machine about with me – Lemon juice. I did some research and found that even though one would expect lemon juice to increase the acidity of water it does the opposite. So, now I squeeze lemon into my water pretty much every day and do notice a difference. Apple cider vinegar will also increase the alkalinity of your body as well but it does not taste nearly as nice. (Other types of vinegar are acidic – do not use them for this purpose.)

If you are a little more stay at home than I am and would like to get a machine that will do a wonderful job at making your water more alkaline then go to SOS Water Systems

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