What do I think of Christmas?

The other day I overheard someone “bah-humbug” Christmas. It startled me really and got me to thinking – what does Christmas mean to me? I grew up a Christian – went to Church and all, plus I had more than a little exposure to Eastern philosophy and religion as my father was a follower of the Hindu religion. And now I’m a Scientologist.

Take away all the commercialism of Christmas – it is looked upon by many as a Christian holiday but – a celebration at this time of year is not new to Christianity. My understanding of Hinduism is that there are many ways to God – so generally they will honor or acknowledge religious celebrations of other faiths as well as their own.

My view of Christmas – it’s a celebration of the spirit of Man – a celebration of all that’s good in us. It’s a time I can read Dylan Thomas’s A Child’s Christmas In Wales to my friends; people greet each other more effusively; I can phone someone that I otherwise wouldn’t, just because it’s Christmas; if I smile at someone on the street anywhere in the world and tell them “Merry Christmas” it’s ok and they’ll smile back and wish me well.

That’s all very cool stuff.

So, have a great Christmas and give someone a smile and a hug.


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